What you can expect under each individual category of my new blog. From time to time topics will cross from one category to another.

  1. MADNESS: Most importantly is to get attention for the strange new gift of mine. Upsight. I’m determined to find the right research partner who can sit me down in a lab or other structured setting so I can demonstrate my new talent/gift/skill. I’m more than a little surprised at the lack of interest from the academic neuroscientists I’ve contacted. When the time is right I’m sure the researcher will appear. Hopefully this blog will act as a catalyst and create some interest. This will be the more personal and exploratory side of the blog.dsc_1616
  1. MATH: With the opening of this new door in my mind I have acquired new math abilities. I’m not a savant. However I “see” numbers in new and unique ways. I see infinity and more than 3Dimensions for both time and space. For example: The 4th dimensional space I “see” looks nothing like the hypercube that is typically used as a representation of this concept. Don’t even get me started on time. I can manipulate any graph, manifold or topological space with a thought. Math is the simplest way to help decode and understand these visual images. It’s also the easiest way to demonstrate a shift in my consciousness and reasoning. This is more of an avocation and will be treated as such.
  1. MARKETING: This is the category of the blog in which I have the most experience and expertise. I ran a branding and marketing agency for 20 years. Creating countless advertising campaigns across a number of vertical markets. From healthcare to legal and hospitality. You can find a more traditional about section at Revolve Marketing over at my marketing consulting website. I will be writing about many different areas of marketing and branding. With no particular agenda other than I find them interesting. This will function as the business side of my blog.

I’m hoping these topics taken in the aggregate will demonstrate the uniqueness of my mind and create interest so brain scientists and academic institutions will want to take a deeper look. I’m also hoping that after a number of math posts my talent will become clear for all to see.

I will also promote my new book under each of these topics when it fits into the narrative of the particular blog post.