Let me give you an idea of what Upsight looks like, of the things that I see when I shift my attention to it. It appears to be a completely visual system. A layered network of always moving, never static, images. In fact, I use my eyes to focus on Upsight images the same way you would use your vision to focus on a person walking across a room. Or the way you would catch the attention of a bird flying past your window out of the corner of your eye.

The fist time I ever saw an image using Upsight was December 29th 2012. I was lying on my back, eyes closed and on the inside of my eyelids, images started to appear. First it was the back of a dinosaur, and then it was red blood cells moving through my body. Followed by an image of the grim reaper and a slot machine. I was excited and scared at the same time. What could this be? It may seem like it has similar features to Charles Bonnet Syndrome and perhaps it does. But it is not Charles Bonnet syndrome. My eyes are healthy. Other than hallucinations, I had never heard of anything like this before.

From that day forward it started happening all the time. I shut my eyes and a movie is being shown on the insides of my eyelids. In fact, I don’t even have to shut my eyes to see it. I’ve learned that I can simply focus my eyes on a solid colored wall and I can watch these Upsight images all day long. The only thing needed is a shift in my attention. Moreover, they must be influencing my consciousness in some way, even when I’m not focusing on them. These images are scrolling across my eyes all the time. As soon as I shift my attention, I see them. Importantly, what the Upsight image displays does not necessarily have to do with what my mind is consciously focused on at the moment.

For example: If you and I are discussing how to make a pizza and I shut my eyes, there may be an image of a pizza in front of me but it could just as easily be an elephant walking across a room or even a child playing in a house. Some follow up questions would be. Why am I seeing an elephant at this moment? I’m not consciously thinking about elephants so why am I seeing one? Where in the brain are these unconscious images coming from?

Once my attention is focused on the elephant I can make it do virtually anything my mind can imagine. I can think of a car, and it’s now driving a car. I can make it start cooking a pizza as well. Please keep in mind; I am not just imagining these things. I am actually seeing them in my field of vision.

If however, I decide to take a more passive viewing role, the elephant will do things on its own without my conscious awareness of why. I can be entertained the same way you would go to a movie and be entertained. Being surprised by the plot, the action sequences and all the other things that happen in movies (without sound). The Upsight images are much shorter than movies, but they still follow story lines. Usually.

I can also use my Upsight  to feel strong emotions. I will think. “Show me something funny.” A scene will appear that is both unexpected and humorous. If I think, “Show me a scene filled with love,” images will appear of a couple getting married or a mother with her newborn baby.

Another fascinating observation: If I’m staring straight ahead and my Upsight displays an image of a motorcycle, then I move my head to the right, the right side of the motorcycle will come into better view. If I look up at the motorcycle then the underbelly will come into view. It seems to operate on a fully pivotal mirror reflection of my eyes.

Here is another example. This one with a more practical use: Say I’m thinking about a solution to a math problem. Let’s say I’m wondering what a 3 dimensional tulip would look like if it were laid flat on a 2 dimensional plane. Then I can focus on the question and my Upsight will show me how to layout a tulip in a beautifully designed geometrical pattern. Upsight will not just show me one version. I can mentally request other layouts as well. This example tells me if I’m consciously thinking about something and I shut my eyes, Upsight is already helping me with a solution. Certainly guiding me to a possible solution.

Here is a link to a Youtube video for a company called Magic Leap. Start at the 14 second mark when they show our universe. This is a good example of what Upsight looks like to me. My visions are not nearly as bright or colorful. But this is an excellent example of how I see with Upsight.  Also it does not interfere with me walking through an office. I need a blank wall and a shift in attention. I should say this is what the secondary images look like. The primary images are a bit softer. I’ll discuss the different types of Upsight in more detail in my next post.

I need to make this point again. I mentioned it in my first post. Many times the visual answers are more like clues than actual answers. For certain math, especially 4th dimension and higher it still takes a great deal of effort and thinking to apply and use the Upsight information. I will publish a more detailed post on how Upsight influences my math work. I’ll also write about how I first started thinking and even giving a shit about math problems.

Next up. The different types of Upsight.

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