My Upsight images come in three distinct types.

The first is the primary or background image. This is very similar to when you rub a coin through a piece of paper and an outline of the image comes through with the rub. The primary images are always in the background of the two other images. It’s typically black with light grey as the contrast color. (If my eyes were open and I was looking at a wall then the contrast color would appear as a lighter shade of the color of the wall.) A blue wall would have a light blue contrast.

The second type of image is the most active. These are like the images you see at a laser light show. A beam moving so fast that my eyes sees a picture. These can be in color. Typically though they are more clear like glass. I’m not sure which image carries more information, the primary or the secondary images. The secondary images sometimes spiral out of control in my field of vision. As if my mind can’t grasp the meaning of the picture. Or it’s as if I’m somehow getting an interference pattern from another part of my brain. Perhaps even from outside my brain.

The last kind of image is the easiest to explain, but the most rare. I have only seen them a few times in the last five years. It is a full color image like you would see on any 3D movie screen. With all the details. I have no idea if I can influence these images as they came in and out of my vision so fast.

It is not uncommon to have two types of Upsight images in the same vision. Say a background image with a secondary image on top of it. For example; a background image of a child playing on a swing with a secondary image of the sun overhead.

Upsight images come in and out of my field of vision all the time as well. As I’ve said, focusing my attention and eyes are all that is required for me to consciously see them. A bird could fly past my right eye and come around my left, as if it is flying around my head. If an Upsight bird flies across my vision, I follow it with my eyes and focus with my pupils. The same way you or I would focus on a bird if it flew into a room. Our eyes would move left to right, up and down. Our focus would change as it moved forward or away from us. That’s what my Upsight vision does as well. I can mentally request an image to come closer for better inspection.

With a thought colors can be added or changed in the images, however they are typically tinted and muted.

Other observations: If I just shut my eyes and watch the show, many times Upsight images will appear that I’ve never seen before in my life.  Images that I have no name for. I stare in awe at these visions. My mind wants to call them something, but if I’ve never been taught what that something is then how can I name it? This intrigues me a great deal.

Upsight is defined by its visual imagery. My mind will ultimately “name” everything I see because that’s what the mind does. It needs labels for a better understanding. But I’m convinced, even before I name something I’m learning from these images, both consciously and unconsciously. I’m writing about consciousness as if I know what it is. I don’t. Only that the unconscious areas I’m now accessing have another deeper level to them as well. Why do I believe this? Various reasons. Mostly  because the element of surprise. If I had access to the deepest layers of my unconscious then I would know everything and wouldn’t be awed or amazed. But I am. Daily.

Upsight encourages me to educate myself more about the images that flow across my field of vision. Many times though it simply teaches me. Many of my visions I have never seen before in the physical world or on any Google image search. They are unique and original, at least to me. They influence and help shape my view of the world. Upsight offers insights into some things I have no business having opinions on, at least at the level of academia, from Physics to Pure Mathematics. I’m a former advertising executive. This stuff should not interest me, but it does.

Perhaps it’s a form of Synesthesia.

The only time my Upsight is off is when I wake up from a deep sleep in the middle of the night. It takes about 15 minutes to get all my wave patterns firing together.

Another interesting observation: Occasionally when I ask a question using Upsight, I will get a visually metaphorical answer. For example: I have asked it how I can get a job done more quickly. My Upsight visual answer was an image of an elbow moving around in an oil pan. i.e. Elbow grease! Get it?

I have no idea what part of my brain these ideas are coming from. Why are some images metaphorical and others literal?

Let me finish this post by telling you a few things of what Upsight is not. If I were to ask you to imagine the famous Jaws movie poster from the 1970s you would retrieve it from a particular memory area of your brain. Most likely I would also retrieve it from the same area in the brain. Remembering an image and seeing it in your minds eye is not Upsight. Upsight has me accessing another area of my brain and literally seeing it in my field of vision. It won’t have all the details of the poster that we remember. It is never static. Ever! The shark will be swimming through the water. The girl will get eaten. Upsight is alive and interactive.

Upsight is also not an all-knowing super power. I asked my ex-wife to walk through the dining room and touch a few items. Not letting me see. When she came back I shut my eyes and visualized her walk. The Upsight showed me her walk and the items she picked up. A lamp and a book. Wrong! She told me that she touched nothing. She just walked through the dining room and sat on a chair. So it’s not a mystical gift. I didn’t see her walking through the room. I saw a woman walking through a room picking up stuff. We have done many experiments like this.

It can’t pick winning race horses either. Why would I even try these things? Obvious reasons. I’ve had this gift for almost five years and I’m not sure there is anything I haven’t tried. I’ll go into this in more detail in later posts on Madness. The bottom line is that Upsight can be wrong.  Maybe “wrong” is the wrong word. It might be better to say that Upsight has no interest in showing me how to pick a winning horse. I’m still learning exactly what it is and how to use it.

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