Marketing: Somebody Missed A Book Festival

One of the reasons I created this blog is to have a platform to market my new book, Jesus Goes To Hollywood: A Memoir Of Madness. The book is finally finished. Well, almost. I still need to decide on the cover and check off a few other items on the self-publishing checklist. I should have those done in the next few weeks. Maybe a month. Maybe more. Soon.

6 months ago I was sure I would be at the Decatur Book Festival this weekend. The first draft of my book was done. I actually finished the first draft last June. I had a few copies printed and handed them out to people I trusted. I hoped for some honest feedback. I got it, both positive and negative. I made some changes. Even then I knew it needed something more.

This spring I took a narrative non-fiction writing class at the Decatur Writers Studio. I met some new friends and received more feedback. Probably the most important was on my first chapter. It was fractured. It needed to be streamlined. It’s not that there wasn’t a hook, I had the hook. The book starts with me setting my house on fire. Most people don’t typically set their house on fire. I’m not most people.

I also needed a professional book editor. Not only a great writer, I wanted someone with experience in narrative non-fiction. I got lucky. Our writing teacher was both. He helped with the structure of my story. We moved some things around and the book is better for it. He also helped with the basics, like grammar and tenses. I’m not a fan of tenses. What ever happened to my brain, it affected how I think about tenses. In my mind everything is always, past, present and future.

Now that the book is finished I can start working on the marketing.


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