MARKETING: Upsight: My Brains New Operating System

If you read my last post on MARKETING then you may be saying to yourself right now. So what? Why do I care? It’s great that you found your way back from addiction and mental illness but plenty of other people are recovering addicts. You may also work with one or two people dealing with severe depression or some other type of mental illness. We are everywhere. It’s not like they’re using it to brand themselves. It’s not exactly a selling point.

True enough.

But I’m not actually using my illness to brand myself. I’m using the gift that my illness accessed. My illness opened a door in my mind. It has somehow made me smarter. Infinitely more creative. My brain combines things in ways I would never have thought possible. It reimagines information and data in ways that would have made no sense before Upsight but makes perfect sense to me now. My brain sees connections in things that go unnoticed to most people.

My brain is running a new Operating System. The main feature of this O.S is my brain is recieving and processing more information, a lot more, a hell of a lot more.

To use an analogy I know everyone will understand, my brain is now picking up the deluxe cable package when before I was getting basic cable.

But there is no proof of this. If you are a die-hard skeptic and refuse to believe me then there is nothing I can say or do that will convince you otherwise.


Unless, I suddenly acquired new math skills. I could answer any math problem imaginable. Then you would have to believe me. At least acknowledge something has changed in my brain.

Well I can’t. So get that idea out of your head. It’s not like in the movie The Matrix where Keanu Reeves is hooked up to a computer and 10 hours later he looks up at Laurence Fishburne and says. “I know Kung Fu.”

But it’s kinda like that. Only it takes longer than 10 hours. It has taken me five years.

And I would say, “I know math. Some math. Not all.”

It really doesn’t have the same punch, as “I know Kung Fu.”

Let’s get back to the deluxe cable package analogy for Upsight, my brains new operating system. Imagine if the TV was on in your house 24/7. It was always on in the background whether you were watching it or not. Now imagine it was always playing the Telemundo channel. At some point, whether you wanted to or not you would more than likely start understanding Spanish. With a little bit of focus and homework you might even be able to start speaking Spanish. Eventually even thinking in Spanish. Now imagine if instead of Telemundo playing in the background it was the MATH channel. This should give you an idea of the type of information my brain processes on a daily basis.

Math is only one of the benefits of Upsight. Another is creativity. Upsight gives me access to Schizopedia and an infinite amount of ideas. Ideas no one else can access. It’s proprietary. Some ideas are brilliant. Some are shit. Schizopedia is my brains personal Wikipedia that I access using Upsight. I’m not sure where the information is stored, but I can access it anytime. My brain is always online.

Of course there is no yardstick for creativity. No baseline. We can talk all day about what is and isn’t creative. We can debate on what’s original and new. With creative concepts there is usually no right or wrong. There is one way or another. The execution of creative ideas is another matter altogether. I’m talking big ideas. New ideas. I have more now then I ever had before Upsight. Keep in mind I had many ideas before. It’s how I made my living. You can’t survive for twenty years in a creative field without some degree of creativity and marketing savvy.

The most important feature of Upsight is the visions. They are interactive. You can ask me a question and I can “see” a visual answer right in front of me. It may not be the right answer or the one you are looking for, but it starts the process of getting to the right answer or the best answer.  I can do this all day long.  Most visions just point to the answer. They still need continued analysis to understand.

When software companies release a new product in beta it typically has a few bugs. The point of beta is to find these bugs and fix them before it gets released to the general public.

Upsight has been in beta for the last five years. I’ve found some bugs and fixed them accordingly. There may be more. I’m not sure. I could keep it in beta for another two years before releasing it to the general public. But that’s not going to happen. I’ve made an executive decision.

It’s ready enough.

Are you an innovator? Do you work for an innovative technology company? Are you an early adopter? Do you know someone who is? Tell them about Upsight. Contact me for more information.

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