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MARKETING: Upsight: My Brains New Operating System

If you read my last post on MARKETING then you may be saying to yourself right now. So what? Why do I care? It’s great that you found your way back from addiction and mental illness but plenty of other people are recovering addicts. You may also work with one or two people dealing with severe depression

MARKETING: My Brand Is Madness

As a marketing professional, one of the things I was hired to do was go into a company or organization and help define its brand. Define its “deliverable claim of distinction”. My agency was hired to find that special something they do better than anyone else in the marketplace. Find the service or product that

Marketing: Somebody Missed A Book Festival

One of the reasons I created this blog is to have a platform to market my new book, Jesus Goes To Hollywood: A Memoir Of Madness. The book is finally finished. Well, almost. I still need to decide on the cover and check off a few other items on the self-publishing checklist. I should have